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And You Call Yourself a Film Buff?! – The Graduate


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By Melissa Chen

With classic lines such as “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?” and iconic images such as a young Dustin Hoffman staring at a woman’s silk stocking-ed leg, The Graduate is one of those films that’s been referenced so much in pop culture that I was able to go through my entire 23 years of life pretending that I watched it. Well, those days are over (although, truthfully, they should’ve been over weeks ago, at PFS’s BYO screening).

And You Call Yourself a Film Buff?! – Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

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By Keegan Handley

Midnight Cowboy is one of the first popular X-rated studio movies. Beyond that, it’s one of the first ‘adult films’ where the term applied to more than pornography. The term ‘adult’ as applied here actually means it dealt with serious adult situations. There’s a good deal of sex in here — specifically themes of homosexuality, sex and religion — but above all this film paints a beautiful character study of two unlikely friends trying to make their way in a mean city with no one to rely on but each other. But you can bet people ignored the movie simply because of the X rating.

I personally only remember one bit of Midnight Cowboy from my blossoming film buff days – “I’m walking here!”


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